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Frontline voices from the worldwide movement to decolonize climate change and revitalize a dying planet.

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With Indigenous peoples and their rights at its center, the book exposes the brutal and deadly realities of colonial and racist conservation for people around the world, while revealing the problems of current climate and biodiversity policy approaches that do nothing to tackle the real causes of environmental destruction.

“This is colonialism pure and simple: powerful global interests are shamelessly taking land and resources from vulnerable people while claiming they are doing it for the good of humanity.”
           — Editors of Decolonize Conservation

While presenting an anticolonial and antiracist critique of what “conservation” currently is, Decolonize Conservation offers also an alternative vision—one already working—of the most effective and just way to fight against biodiversity loss and climate change. This powerful collection of voices takes us to the heart of the climate justice movement and the struggle for life and land across the globe.

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